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Job Title Lead Baromedical Chamber Operator
Company University of Maryland Medical Center - Shock Trauma Center
Category CHT
City Baltimore
Location MD
Salary not specified
Description Lead Baromedical chamber operator position available for established high acuity multi-place hyperbaric oxygen program. On call requirement, one week, every three weeks, 24/7/365 facility. The chamber treats the full spectrum of approved indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including frequent patients requiring in chamber critical care management
Five years experience working in multi-place hyperbaric oxygen program and chamber supervisory experience highly preferred.
Hyperbaric chamber related experience with mechanical, electrical, gas piping, fire protection, communication, and compressor systems maintenance required.
Liaison with facilities department and regulatory agencies to maintain compliance with applicable codes and standards for pressure vessels, as well as hyperbaric facility standards. Knowledge of various applicable NFPA standards preferred.
Supervisory level management of human exposure to compressed gas (diving and chamber environments) required.
Previous experience as hyperbaric chamber safety officer preferred.
Experience as respiratory therapist, paramedic, or DMT preferred.
Education, experience and training in Human Diving Physiology highly preferred.
Certifications: CHT, EMT, Compressed Gas Diving – Dive Master, Instructor, preferred.
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Date Listed 08/17/2017